Opening Ceremony
On the afternoon of June 24th, "The 6th Global Shipping Summit and The 2nd WIFFA International Freight Forwarder Alliance Convention 2013" which hosted by ShippingChina(, WIFFA International Freight Forwarder Alliance and China Supplying Group Co., Ltd opened at Conrad Hotel Dalian. More than 300 managers of ocean shipping, logistics, finance, trading and banking industries from over 20 countries took part of it. The presentations focus on the theme of "Capital, Platform and Mode" as well as the forums and "One to One" meeting which give directions for the future trends and business opportunities for all the companies. Media of CNR, CCN, CET, Hong Kong ta kung pao, Dalian TV etc. participate the summit report.
Lu Wei

Opening Remarks

Dear Distinguished Guests, ladies and gentlemen,  good afternoon!  

I am very honored to be invited as the chairman of the conference by the 6th Global Shipping Summit Committee and Mr. Kang Shuchun, General Manager of ShippingChina. Thanks again for your support and trust. All the 300 guests of this...

Mr. Kang Shuchun

Cheese Made in ShippingChina

Ms. Su, Mr. Lu, Mr. Wei and members of WIFFA International Freight Forwarder Alliance, ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon! Thank you for all your support to ShippingChina and Global Shipping Summit.
The theme for the summit this year is "Capital, Platform and Mode". In my opinion, mode is premise and mode decides the head. We will talk about strategy, operating when we have mode first. Platform and capital are two key elements for mode...

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Lu Xiaoqun

Platform Finance of Hua Xia Bank

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!  I am very happy to have the opportunity from ShippingChina standing here at the conference and sharing information with everybody about platform profit at platform economic time. Now,  please let me review the electronization process of financial industry first.

The the development of Chinese financial industry simply came to 5 steps.  Most of our...

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Su Min

Transformation of Shipping Industry at Big Data Time

Good afternoon, Mr.Kang shuchun, ladies and gentlmen. I am very happy to have the opportunity standing here at the Global Shipping Summit. The shipping industry now faces a difficult time and I would like to listen to the different ideas of the industry cause now we have invited Mr. Wei Qiang from Alibaba here today and we may use that for reference for our development for the future. Today, I want to share some thinking about shipping industr...

Wei Qiang

Keynote Speech:Total Package Platform is Necessary for Foreign Trade Service

Good afternoon, dear Mr.Kang, honored guest and friends! I am very honored to be here at the conference. Today, most of the attendees are the freight forwarders of our country. We OneTouch actually is a service platform for foreign trade companies and we have no competition with Freight Forwarders. Nowadays, there are two main service individuals we do not pitch in Logistic Industry. And our businesses focus on the foreign trade companies. Som...

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