The Core Topic: Freight forwarders use capital flow to get credit extension and loan from the bank through the platform.The capital Pool force the Big Market and then win-win in every way will come ture.
资金篇 Capital Forum
The core topic: Corperate Platform, Industry Platform, Finance Platform,the implementation of industrial horizontal versus vertical ecological synergy by centralization data platform,maximum corperate efficiency by reducing the multi-play service and financial part,lower the link cost.
平台篇 Platform Forum
The core topic: How to go to the International Market for the Chinese freight forwarders corporates, how to get more FOB projects cooperation by capital, approach and experiences, how to build up more overseas channel agents.
海外篇 Overseas Forum
The core topic:The traditional freight forwarding industry is Low value-added industry and cutthroat competition seriously disturbs the market rule. For traditional freight forwarding, how to gain the future market by break through the bottleneck, change the idealogy,upgrading and transformation as well as mode innovation.
模式篇 Mode Forum