Transformation and bottleneck break through 2013- 07- 01- 13:32:09

 The 2nd WIFFA International Freight Forwarder Alliance Convention 2013 opened in Dalian

--transformation and bottleneck break through

On the morning of June 25thThe 2nd WIFFA International Freight Forwarder Alliance Convention 2013” opened at Conrad Hotel Dalian with the theme of “Enterprises Upgrading & Mode Bottleneck”. 300 managers from more than 120 chief members, 100 reputation members and 20 overseas members presented at the conference. The delegates discussed topics of “orientation and development strategy of WIFFA, how to break through the bottleneck of traditional freight forwarding, how to change the ideology, transformation and upgrading, how to gain the market by model innovation” etc. More than 120 chief members, 100 space booking members and overseas members reached their cooperation intension of contracts at the convention.

Ms. Li Ling, secretary general of WIFFA hosted the meeting. Mr. He Zhuan, Rotating Chairman of WIFFA, President of Ningbo Huanji Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd. made the opening speech of operational report. Mr. Kang Shuchun, Council President of WIFFA, CEO of ShinppingChina, made announcement of organization structure of WIFFA and activity plan 2013 confirmed in the private session of rotating chairman and port chairmen on the morning of 24th.Members from Tianjin and Ningbo port made speech on advanced pattern promotion.

The theme of this convention is “enterprise transformation and bottleneck break through”. Freight forwarders were all In the midst of these difficulties since Financial Crisis 2008, economic environment became worse and cutthroat competition seriously disturbs the market rule, the prospect for traditional freight forwarders became worse and worse.

Mr. Kang Shuchun, Council President of WIFFA, CEO of ShinppingChina indicated: The freight forwards must join hands and face the difficulties together, transformating and breaking through the bottleneck and that will become the winner of the new round competition.